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The Gathering Storm Vs. The Crisis of Confidence

Are we living through an era that resembles the 1930s, when authoritarian leaders were on the march, democratic leaders failed to stand up to them, the international system buckled, and the world was dragged into war? Or are we living through something more like the late 1970s, when America, recovering from its long engagement in a losing war and pulling itself out of a prolonged economic slump, began to take the course corrections that allowed it to embark on a period of national recovery and reassert its international ascendancy?

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As U.S. Retires From World Leadership, China And Germany Step Up

The U.S. traditionally takes point in the search for common approaches to the big global issues of the day at G-20 summits. Not this time. When world leaders meet in Hamburg on Friday, China and Germany will move in to usurp the U.S.’s role.

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The Eclipse Of the West

From Moscow to Beijing, there is no shortage of those ready to declare the “end of the American century”. Yet what is striking is how much traction this notion has gained in the West. In European capitals, the long-held habit of griping about America’s leadership in international affairs has been replaced by a growing concern about a world in which Washington’s commitment to internationalism is diminished.

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Myths And Leaders

It is not bad if the myths about the omnipotence of Mr. Modi scare bureaucrats into reporting to work at 9 a.m. or deter a potentially corrupt minister or a bureaucrat… If the myths about Mr. Modi get investments in the economy, deter the corrupt, prompt the lazy and enthuse the government, they aren’t particularly bad.

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The Rise Of The Middle Classes

For months now, protestors have gathered in the capitals of many developing nations—Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, Malaysia, and Cambodia, among others—in demonstrations united by some key features.

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Look Who’s Leading

We live in a world where no single country or group of countries can provide dominant, sustainable global leadership—G-Zero, as I call it—and that’s in large part because so many countries lack solid leadership at home, writes Ian Bremmer.

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Southern Europe’s Downward Spiral

For years, European leaders have been trying to put a stop to the debt crisis that is tearing Southern Europe apart. It might be time to change strategy since little progress has been made.

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What China’s Transition Means For India

“Continuity” is a word that National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon is likely to hear often from his Chinese interlocutors during his visit to Beijing, which begins today. Mr. Menon, who is also the Special Representative on the boundary question, will meet State Councillor Dai Bingguo, his counterpart on the border talks, for what officials have described as “informal talks” on the border and strategic issues of common concern. He is expected to hold talks with one of the seven members of the newly-selected Politburo Standing Committee — likely to be second-ranked Li Keqiang, the anointed Premier, subject to his availability — marking India’s first real engagement with the fifth generation of the Chinese leadership following the November 15 transition.

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China’s Outgoing Leader Sees Unprecedented Opportunity, Unknown Risks

China formally opened a congress of its ruling Communist Party on Thursday, ushering in a once-in-a-decade leadership change against a backdrop of growing social unrest, public anger at corruption and a yawning gap between rich and poor.

More than 2,000 hand-picked delegates gathered at Beijing’s cavernous Great Hall of the People for the start of the week-long session, which will see President Hu Jintao give up his role as party chief to anointed successor Vice President Xi Jinping.

Xi then takes over state duties at the annual meeting of parliament in March.

“At present, as the global, national and our party’s conditions continue to undergo profound changes, we are faced with unprecedented opportunities for development as well as risks and challenges unknown before,” Hu said in the customary speech signaling the start of the meeting.

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Will The Leadership Choices in China And The U.S. Make a Difference?

This week, the two superpowers will settle the question of leadership. On Tuesday, about 130 million U.S. voters will choose a president. On Thursday, an elite handful will meet to select the next leader of China.

The residents of Ohio may ultimately decide who wins the White House, probably late on Tuesday night. Plans to shift Zhongnanhai power from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping can be traced back to 2007.

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