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The Geopolitics Of London: Or, How England Joined The World

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

Were London a city-state, it would have the 20th-largest national economy in the world – larger than the national economies of Saudi Arabia, Argentina and South Africa. Were London a city-state, its national per capita gross domestic product would be greater than that of the United States. Were London a city-state, it would be the 15th most populous country in Europe, with an overall population bigger than that of Austria or Denmark and bigger than the combined populations of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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China Targets London As It Looks Closely At Europe

As China sets its sights on European markets, it has zeroed in on London, the continent’s top international financial center.

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Xi Says China Will Not Experience A ‘Hard Landing’

China will continue to grow at a sustainable rate, and will not experience a hard landing, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in London. “China will not close the door it has opened. We are working to build a new system of an open economy and we will make renewed effort to make an open world economy”. In the next five years China is expected to import more than $10 trillion of goods, have more than $500 billion of overseas investment, and more than 500 million Chinese tourists will be expected to travel abroad, which presented enormous business opportunities, he said.

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Empire At Sunset

With the likelihood of Scottish independence increasing yearly as the SNP secures hegemony in Edinburgh, there is a growing sense in the north of England that the heart of the nation sits within London and its surrounding home counties. There is a feeling that British politicians define English interests as those of London in particular.

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Isn’t History Fascinating?

A transgender singer hits stardom in Baghdad. Officials scramble to impose order after a Kuwaiti restaurant is found to be selling cat meat. Gulf royals on an official visit to London are left marooned in a drab south London suburb because of a shortage of hotel rooms in the West End. These are some of the quirky stories hiding in nine miles of shelving at the British Library (BL) that hold the India Office Records – millions of documents recording Britain’s 350-year presence in the sub-continent.

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Can Scotland Go It Alone?

It’s not England from which many Scots wish to detach themselves. It’s London, the oversize hub controlling the revenue of an undersize empire. The Scots’ prickliness is understandable, and an untethered Scotland would satisfy the romantic yearnings of nationalism—Braveheart without the gore. Outright independence, however, would rupture valuable commercial ties for uncertain benefits.

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Is BRICs For Real?

Will BRICS create a framework that is as democratic in sharing governance space with other investors and stakeholders? This will be something to watch for as the systems and structures evolve. The notion that the NDB has been “Shanghai-ed” is perhaps a shallow understanding of this exciting new initiative.


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Looking East

Thanks to the Obama administration’s woeful disregard for the concerns of its erstwhile allies, the entire future of the Western alliance’s relationship with the Gulf region is now under threat.

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China Weighs On Official Waste

In the latest move in China’s anti-waste campaign, central authorities have issued rules to standardise fund management and ban Party and government extravagance

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It’s Never Been This Good

Contrary to what environmentalists, anti-globalisation campaigners and other economic curmudgeons like to think, the world is not going to hell in a handbasket, writes Allister Heath

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