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Egypt’s Revolution in Reverse

Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, a former general is head of state, and charges against Hosni Mubarak have been dismissed—it’s like 2011 all over again.

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That Canal That Binds US And Egypt

Nearly 150 years after its completion, the Suez Canal continues to inspire awe, living up to every cliché ever written about it. The 120-mile waterway is a vital link between Europe and Asia, a strategic asset, and a man-made wonder.

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Battle Of Wits In Egypt

A cartoon portraying a mother asking her daughter what her fiancé does for a living, which was published in an Egyptian newspaper, says it all. “He’s a career revolutionary,” answers the smiling girl.

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Troubled Ties

After decades when the core components of US and Saudi strategic policies were more or less in sync, the United States is suddenly not playing by the Saudi playbook. It won’t give the Syrian resistance a blank check; it is daring to consider softening its stance towards Iran; it has dared to criticise, however mildly, Bahrain’s crackdown on the country’s majority Shia population; and finally the Egyptian military‘s reassertion of its political primacy with the removal of President Mohamed Morsi this past summer.

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In Egypt It’s Muslims Vs Muslim Brotherhood

Is the Muslim Brotherhood dying? In Egypt and throughout the Arab world, Brotherhood-affiliated parties are suffering an unprecedented series of setbacks that cast real doubt on the long-term viability of that version of Islamist politics.

Read Here – The National, Abu Dhabi

That Spiral of Instability Again

The Middle East is caught in a seemingly endless spiral of instability. The likely American military intervention in Syria, together with the deteriorating situation in Egypt since President Mohammad Morsi’s ouster, which was organized by the Egyptian army, has placed the region on a razor’s edge.

Read Here – The Daily Star, Beirut

Why Is Saudi Backing Change In Egypt?

Saudi Arabia usually adopts policies that match its regime’s conservative nature. It is a regime that is resistant to internal change and to revolution — any revolution in any Arab country.

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The Mistakes Muslim Brotherhood Made

Imagine a government dominated by paranoia, convinced of conspiracies around every corner. That, in short, was the most defining aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood’s year in power in Egypt. Though the country’s first democratically elected government was overthrown in a military coup in July, the Brotherhood made its fair share of critical mistakes.

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Killings In Cairo

Egypt‘s army-backed interim prime minister defends the government’s decision to order the crushing of camps of supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, saying the authorities had no choice but to act.

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Egypt’s Fear Bubble

More important in my view is the belief expressed by almost half a dozen activists in the course of a week of conversations that the revolutionary movement was never going to be able to defeat both the Brotherhood and the military in a struggle for Egypt’s future. And so to have the army hand such an epic defeat to the Brotherhood is a gift whose value is hard to overestimate – which is precisely why so many Leftists are loathe to turn it down, writes Mark LeVine.

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