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How Corruption Shapes The World

No reliable data exist to measure how widespread corruption is, which prevents systematic action against bad actors, including major corporations that routinely pay bribes in exchange for contracts, concessions, and other favorable treatment. Given the urgency of the problem, it is notable that governments, universities, and think tanks have not dedicated more resources to doing the basic research.

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My Father’s Prophecy

“For a war which I pray our son will survive and—if we’re lucky—wars our grandchildren will survive, too. War, my dear, is the destiny of this nation—was, is now, and ever shall be. We will be fighting wars forever—as long as we have the money and the guns!”

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Why Sanctions Don’t Work

Sanctions, particularly economic sanctions, have long been a tool of U.S. foreign policy, and few presidents have leaned on them as much as Barack Obama or been as successful at rallying others to do the same. To thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the U.S. has cajoled and bullied much of the world to slash imports of Iranian oil and freeze out Iranian banks. Most of the world has similarly choked off trade with North Korea.

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Theories On Where Money Comes From Say Something About Where The Dollar And Euro Will Go, Says The Economist

MONEY is perhaps the most basic building-block in economics. It helps states collect taxes to fund public goods. It allows producers to specialise and reap gains from trade. It is clear what it does, but its origins are a mystery. Some argue that money has its roots in the power of the state. Others claim the origin of money is a purely private matter: it would exist even if governments did not. This debate is long-running but it informs some of the most pressing monetary questions of today.

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