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China’s Xi Jinping Isn’t Adolf Hitler, But He Might Be Kaiser Wilhelm

The comparison between China and Nazi Germany falls down primarily because China can’t yet justifiably carry the stain the Nazis truly earned, but it ought to be borne in mind that the Nazis were what came after the Wilhelmine order was swept away by the reality of Germany’s own strategic and industrial shortcomings.

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Egypt Revamps Cave Museum Devoted To Nazi General

An old field telephone from the 1940s, a Nazi flag and a map of Tobruk greet visitors to the newly reopened Rommel Cave Museum in Marsa Matrouh, one of Egypt’s lesser known tourist destinations. The items belonged to Erwin Rommel, one of the most celebrated generals of Nazi Germany until he was implicated in a plot to kill the Fuhrer in 1944. Rommel has long been remembered as one of the few “decent” Nazi commanders, though there is debate over his legacy of chivalry.

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Reading Hitler’s Mind

Historians have long battled to get into Hitler’s mind to figure out why he did what he did, but there are no answers. Perhaps, there never will either.

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