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How The CIA Sponsored Indian Magazines That Engaged The Country’s Best Writers

Independent India’s founders were among the leading practitioners of neutrality. This was because of Nehru’s socialism and the British occupation confirming much of the socialist critique. But these views were balanced by strong cultural ties to the English-speaking world. As such, India’s leaders refused to align solely with either the United States or USSR. Because of this, the CIA sought to penetrate India. It would do so by using the local affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom as a foothold…

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Is It The End Of Road For India’s Congress?

Without the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty—virtually synonymous with the party since 1969, when Indira Gandhi led a band of loyalists out of the original Congress that helped India win independence from Britain some two decades earlier—Indian politics will likely become less feudal and more meritocratic. And Asia’s third largest economy may finally junk the last vestiges of the Nehruvian socialism that helped keep it poor, and the foreign-policy doctrine of nonalignment that placed it at odds with its natural allies in the democratic West, writes Sadanand Dhume

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A View From Washington

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s early foreign policy blitz and his emphasis on economic “deliverables” suggests that he is rewriting the nationalists’ script on what will determine India’s power, to include a strong emphasis on economic growth.

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Why India’s ‘Non-Aligned’ Foreign Policy Is A Joke

Many years ago, Pakistan analyst Khaled Ahmed identified some nations as not having a foreign policy.

Export-oriented economies, according to his thesis, chose not to have a clearly defined foreign policy. On issues of controversy, they lay low rather than commit to a side. Ahmed named Singapore and South Korea as his examples. For them, business and their economy trumped any satisfaction taken from moral positions. A sort of Baniya way of looking at the world.

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The Warped History And Geography Of NonAlignment 2.0

In the aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Narasimha Rao government reworked India’s dysfunctional economic and foreign policies to improve India’s abysmal terms of trade with the rest of the world.

The latest global financial crisis seems to have shaken the United States’ global dominance and is forcing India to revisit its post-Soviet foreign policy. Choices Asian countries like India make in the near future will affect the chances of the emergence of an ‘Asian Concert’ that, in turn, will influence the United States’ ability to sustain its dominance by ‘rebalancing’ toward Asia. A second term for President Obama means that Asian countries may be compelled to respond to ‘rebalancing’ sooner rather than later. Obama’s first foreign tour since his re-election is a case in point.

But as usual India is struggling to discover the right balance between strategic independence and alignment, and soft and hard powers.

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The NonAlignment 2.0 document

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