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Should The World Care About Mr. Obama?

For more than a decade, the Pew Research Center has been asking people around the world about their opinion of the United States. The upshot: In every region of the globe except the Middle East (where the United States was wildly unpopular under George W. Bush and remains so), America’s favorability is way up since Obama took office.

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Who’s Problem Is It Anyway?

Missing from this “analysis” about how Obama should respond is why Barack Obama should respond. After all, the US has few strategic interests in the former Soviet Union and little ability to affect Russian decision-making.

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Let’s Look At Home

The Obama administration apparently has tired of the global order that American power created. The president seems determined that America should become unexceptional, and his five-year-long efforts are now bearing fruit. The result is that no one knows where global violence will break out next, much less who will stop it.

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Pop Goes The Prez!

As president, (Barack) Obama has put all his knowledge of and experience with pop culture to work. His great insight has been that by being part of pop culture—being a celebrity himself—a president can influence how pop culture portrays him.

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Missed Opportunity?

Obama’s failure to don a batik shirt for the closing photo shoot of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit changes little. In addition, if the past is any guide, China’s leaders will once again overplay their hand. For many of its neighbors, China’s uncompromising stance on sovereignty over various disputed atolls and islands is just too alienating.

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Obama’s Truncated Asia Trip And China’s Advantage

President Obama’s trimming of stops on a trip to Asia this month has raised questions locally about the US government’s two-year-old re-balancing of resources to the region, a shift embraced by allies such as Japan and the Philippines as their common rival China looms larger.

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A Workable Legacy For Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama has a good chance of making peace with Iran and lave behind an enduring foreign policy legacy just as one of his predecessors, Richard Nixon, opened the doors to China. Obama could learn from Nixon the art of perseverance and tenacity in developing better relations with an old foe. But let’s also remember that the world Nixon lived in was very different than the one Obama presides upon.

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Obama speaking with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The Eishenhower-Obama Debate

The IkeObama analogy creates an illusion of commonality and historic continuity where none exists. It is bad history, because it depicts Eisenhower as a two-dimensional figure, entirely detached from his key associates and their core beliefs. At the same time, the analogy presents us with a distorted view of Obama.

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It’s The Visas, Stupid

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be meeting with President Obama in Washington next week to discuss economic and trade cooperation between the United States and India. One of the most critical topics on the table will be immigration reform as it relates to Indian workers in the United States

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In his address on Tuesday , Obama argued that a failure to do something about Syria‘s chemical weapons would embolden Iran. That argument is superficially compelling and politically appealing. It also happens to be wrong.

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