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Modi’s Visit To Israel: Political Blunder Or Calculated Gamble?

The importance of Modi’s visit to Israel cannot be underestimated. Modi will become the first sitting Indian Prime Minister to visit the country. His visit will also come after a decade of relative political neglect from the Congress-led UPA government. Various UPA ministers visited Israel over the last decade, including a very symbolic visit in 2012 by the former External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. There has also never been a Prime Ministerial visit to reciprocate the visit from Ariel Sharon to New Delhi in 2003.

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Obama On The Middle East

In an interview, the U.S. president defends his pact with Tehran, argues ISIS is not winning, warns Saudi Arabia not to pursue a nuclear-weapons program, and anguishes about Israel.

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The Curse Of The Ottomans

America’s tentative return to the battlefields of Iraq, however reminiscent it is of unfinished American business there, is also a deadly reminder that the Arab world is still trying to sort out the unfinished business of the Ottoman Empire, a century after it collapsed.


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In The Age Of Sisi

Irrespective of its rhetoric to the contrary, throughout the last four decades, the Egyptian government’s policies towards the Palestinians have signalled a marked departure from its historic reputation as a regional leader determined to challenge Israeli hegemony.

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Who Cares For Palestine?

This is the first time the Palestinians have followed through to form a government. It is supposed to reunite the divided territories and prepare for overdue elections after six months.

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Heading Nowhere

Because Israel is the strongest and the PNA the weakest and defenceless, Tel Aviv now negotiates, even as it expands its colonies, to make the ‘two-state solution’ totally unfeasible

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Same World, Different Takes

Judging from their reactions to the deal that world powers signed with Iran in Geneva early Sunday morning, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama live in different worlds.

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New Tests For U.S. In The Middle East

The United States is facing the worst of all worlds in the Middle East: interventions that erode Washington’s prestige and popularity but fail to exert enough influence to secure U.S. interests. If Secretary of State John Kerry‘s effort to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks is to succeed — and if the United States is to secure its interests, ranging from oil security to nuclear nonproliferation — America must once again play a leading role in the region.

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Kerry And His Quagmire

Nobody ever accused John Kerry of lacking in self-belief. Nor are they ever likely to. This week, for the fourth time since taking over from Hillary Clinton in February, Kerry arrives for talks in Israel and Palestine, where he hopes to twitch the corpse of two-state peace talks back to life. His chances are not good. Next month, he will take on even steeper odds as host of a conference in Geneva, aimed at stopping the carnage in Syria. In addition to hopes of a settlement with Iran, he is enthusiastic about a transatlantic trade deal, reviving global warming talks and so on.

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In Search Of Obama’s Middle East Legacy

…There is a need for US President Barack Obama to come up with a genuine initiative in his second term to move the Middle East peace process towards that lofty goal of a two-state solution. That failure, along with the ad hoc handling of the forces of change in the republics of the Arab Spring, sank Obama’s strategy in the Middle East and the Muslim world, which he had earlier addressed in a conciliatory tone from Cairo.

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