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The End Of Europe’s Chinese Dream

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed Europeans’ strategic thinking about China – already shifting because of three developments – past the tipping point. After years of pursuing closer bilateral economic ties, Europeans suddenly realise that they have become dangerously dependent on Chinese trade and investment.

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Yes, Blame WHO For Its Disastrous Coronavirus Response

From its founding in 1948 until the first decade of this century, WHO was mainly known for defeating smallpox, fighting polio and tuberculosis, and providing support to poor countries that lacked sufficient health infrastructure. However, under the leadership of Margaret Chan, appointed director-general in 2006, and her successor since 2017, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO has bounced from scandal to scandal.

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WHO Warns That First Wave Of Pandemic Not Over, Dampens Hopes

As Brazil and India struggle with surging coronavirus cases, a top health expert is warning that the world is still in the very middle of the outbreak, dampening hopes for a speedy global economic rebound and renewed international travel. “Right now, we’re not in the second wave. We’re right in the middle of the first wave globally,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization’s executive director.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Defends ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomats For Standing Up To ‘Smears’

China’s foreign minister has defended the country’s combative “wolf warrior” diplomacy, saying the country will stand firm in defending the national interest and combating “smears”. Wang Yi, who is also a State Councillor, also lashed out at attempts to sue China for compensation over the Covid-19 pandemic, telling a press conference on Sunday that the law suits were “blackmail” and “frivolous”.

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Trump’s ‘New Cold War’ Aims To Hold China At Bay

The United States and China are coming dangerously close to a collision in the South China Sea, a clash that could easily turn rhetoric and threats of a “New Cold War” into actual armed conflict. The sea moves come against the background of a rising war of words, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi saying over the weekend that, “Some US political forces are taking hostage of China-US relations, attempting to push the ties to the brink of a so-called New Cold War. This is dangerous and will endanger global peace.”

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What Real Wars Do (And Don’t) Teach Us About The Economic Impact Of The Pandemic

The past is not prologue, and the comparisons to war have limits and detractors. Still, wartime analogies can be useful for an understanding of the potential economic consequences of this crisis. Wars last longer than downturns, and the economic cycle in which we suddenly find ourselves is unlike any peacetime cycle we have experienced in the past half century—including during the Vietnam War and in the aftermath of 9/11.

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How Pandemics End

According to historians, pandemics typically have two types of endings: the medical, which occurs when the incidence and death rates plummet, and the social, when the epidemic of fear about the disease wanes…In other words, an end can occur not because a disease has been vanquished but because people grow tired of panic mode and learn to live with a disease.

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Can India Stay Focused As China, US Set To Clash At World Health Assembly?

Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

With China and the United States locked in conflict, tensions running high between Beijing and Taipei, and calls growing for an inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic, India is set for a baptism of fire as it takes up a new leadership role at the World Health Organisation (WHO) this week.

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The Pandemic Is Shaking The Dollar’s Supremacy

After three years of US President Donald Trump abusing America’s dominant position in the global monetary and financial system, his administration’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic will further erode faith in the dollar. And if the days of America’s “exorbitant privilege” come to an end, so will much else.

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All Eyes On China As World Health Organisation Body Meets On Coronavirus, Taiwan

China will be in the spotlight at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) annual health forum, with major powers pushing for an independent inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic and for Taiwan to be granted a seat at the table. The World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s decision-making body, will meet online for a shortened agenda on Monday and Tuesday, when Beijing and Western countries – particularly the United States – are expected to debate responsibility for the pandemic.

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