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Guo Boxiong, Jiang Zemin, And The Corruption Of The Chinese Military

Along with Xu Caihou, another former vice chairman of the CMC and Politburo member who was expelled from the Party for corruption, Guo practically controlled the People’s Liberation Army for 13 years on behalf of Jiang Zemin, former president and chairman of the CMC as well as former general secretary of the Party.

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The Yet Untold Story From 1962

Following a brief border skirmish in 1962, India held 3,000 ethnic Chinese people in prison camps. A half-century later, survivors are still seeking justice.

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Africa’s Big Brother

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei may have been all-but-barred from doing business in the U.S. over allegations that it’s basically an intelligence agency masquerading as a tech business. In Africa, however, Huawei is thriving.

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India’s China Strategy: Mountains Vs. Oceans

Instead of pouring money into raising a force that can hardly address the Indian Army’s drawbacks at the border, Indian decision makers should have focused on addressing China’s weaknesses in the Indian Ocean

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China’s New Flying Propaganda Machine

Chinese state-run media is reporting that the People’s Liberation Army Air Force has modified one of its planes — what appears to be a Y-8 airlifter (basically, Beijing‘s version of the U.S.-made C-130 Hercules) — to carry the kind of broadcast equipment capable of taking over a country’s radio and TV channels. It’s another sign that the Chinese military is slowly starting to close the enormous advantage that the U.S. Air Force has over it in the skies.

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The Elusive Silk Route

India and China have a long history of economic collaboration, probably the oldest among nations today. In the contemporary era, however, that relationship is more recent and much thinner.

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The Invisible Border War

A half-century after the Sino-Indian War of 1962, the border between China and India remains undefined and a constant source of friction between the world’s two most populous countries. Following three weeks of fighting in 1962, it was agreed to draw a Line of Actual Control (LAC). But, five decades later, the map has yet to be delineated.

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China’s Great India Folly

One hopes China has genuinely reconsidered picking a fight with India, a great power with which it shares a long land frontier. Beijing has created headaches aplenty for itself through its conduct in the South China Sea and East China Sea. The last thing it should do is open another axis along which to disperse energy and resources.

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Lies And The Chinese Army

One of the predictable two-step dances in U.S.-China foreign relations goes like this: First, an arm of the U.S. government issues a carefully worded statement referring to recent activities carried out in, or by, China—all deeply documented. Second, a representative of the Chinese government flatly denies everything.

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Pentagon Is Irresponsible, Says China Daily

It is inappropriate as well as unacceptable for the United States Department of Defense to point an accusing finger at China over the Diaoyu Islands dispute and make false accusations against China over cybersecurityThe Pentagon‘s irresponsible claims will cast a shadow on military-to-military ties between the two countries, which have been steadily improving.

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