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This Standoff Is China Telling India To Accept Changing Realities

China’s creeping encirclement of India confronts New Delhi with the choice of either accommodating itself to Chinese primacy or of hedging in partnership with the US and Japan against China’s advances, fuelling the regional rivalry even further.

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Xi Jinping May Be Less Powerful Than He Seems

On the one hand, while Xi—a seasoned politician with a large staff who have likely been preparing for this meeting for months—is much better prepared for this week’s summit than Trump, he may also be more constrained than the White House expects, both in terms of what he can push and what he can offer.

Read Here – The Atlantic

Is Beijing Outflanking The United States In The South China Sea?

The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is underway in formation with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships for a photo exercise. Photo courtesy: U.S. Navy


While Washington’s approach in Asia has always been focused on its ability to move aircraft carriers through China’s backyard, Beijing has been doing everything it can to tilt the strategic balance against its possible foes. It’s a strategy that includes new weapons systems, considerable conventional naval expansion but also a host of other tactics including building naval bases, floating power stations and artificial islands.

Read Here – Reuters

A Court You’ve Never Heard Of Is About To Raise The Stakes In The South China Sea

An obscure court in The Hague will soon issue a ruling likely to inflame tensions in the South China Sea and force Washington to clarify how far it is willing to go to defend its allies in Manila.

Read Here – Foreign Policy

Is China Really That Dangerous?

(U.S.) DOD (Department of Defense) observes that China’s leaders “portray a strong military as critical to advancing Chinese interests, preventing other countries from taking steps that would damage those interests, and ensuring that China can defend itself and its sovereignty claims.” Which is precisely what U.S. policymakers do.

Read Here – The National Interest

PLA Essential For Achieving Great Power Status And The “China Dream”

China’s growing military, diplomatic, and economic clout to advance its ambitions to establish regional preeminence and expand its international influence. Chinese leaders have characterized modernization of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as essential to achieving great power status and what Chinese President Xi Jinping calls the “China Dream” of national rejuvenation, says the latest U.S. Department of Defense Report to Congress on China’s military and security development.

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Pentagon Report Adds To Sino-US Distrust – Global Times

The Great China Crackdown Is Here

China is experiencing the most sustained domestic political crackdown since Tiananmen Square. Much attention has been devoted to the increasing state repression being directed at lawyers, journalists and civil society activists. But there is a separate and more fundamental concern.

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Why Xi is Purging the Chinese Military

While understanding the details of Xi’s reforms is critical to assessing the direction of PLA modernisation going forward, it is also necessary to consider the broader implications of Xi’s apparent relationship with the military.

Read Here – The National Interest

China Announces Military Overhaul In Efforts To Make Army More Combat Ready

Chinese President Xi Jinping has requested breakthroughs in reform of the country’s armed forces by 2020, vowing to reorganize the current military administration structure and military command areas. Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at a meeting on reforming the armed forces which was held from Nov. 24 to 26.

Read Here – Xinhua

Concurrent India Drills Spark Unnecessary Speculation

The efforts of China and India moving closer have been snubbed by the West, which tries to hype the contention of the two sides. Given the border disputes between China and India, and geopolitical rivalry as well, mutual distrust is slow to dissolve, and India is vigilant against China’s rise. This creates opportunities for other countries to drive a wedge between Beijing and New Delhi. But China and India have reached a solid consensus that continued growth in bilateral relations should not be thwarted by divergences.

Read Here – Global Times

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