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Yoshihide Suga, the low-key son of a farmer who will be named Japan’s next prime minister on Wednesday, is in many ways a policy clone of recently resigned Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. But that doesn’t mean Suga will bring anything like the same effort Abe did to bolstering Japan’s defense capabilities—a transition in Japanese politics both Beijing and Washington will be watching.

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John F. Kennedy’s Forgotten Crisis

1962 is remembered for the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the U.S. almost got involved in another war.

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Leaving Afghanistan

The longest war in American history is technically over. It ended when the U.S. and its NATO allies marked the official conclusion of their combat mission in Afghanistan as 2014 came to a close. But with the goal of stabilizing the country unachieved, plans for a U.S. exit are up in the air.

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China, Russia Lead Non-West initiatives

Given the present global environment, Moscow and Beijing are more likely to cooperate than to compete. The common agenda is both expanding and deepening. It includesenergy and transportation, infrastructure and banking, agriculture and water resources,space and technology, regional security and continental order. In each area, qualitative steps are being taken or envisaged, taking cooperation to a higher level.

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Kerry Looks For New China Beginning

Sino-US economic and trade relations are the most powerful proof of the win-win and interdependent nature of bilateral relations. But the good momentum that has been achieved has also encountered some obstacles because some people in the US always want to politicize the relationship and Washington has been maintaining restrictions on high-tech exports to China. Now Obama has begun his second term and vowed to expand exports, it is high time for Washington to ease restrictions on high-tech exports to China, as this would provide a big boost to trade relations.

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