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The Pandemic Won’t Save The Climate

The economic free fall accompanying the coronavirus pandemic has, by some measures, made the world a cleaner place. Air pollution in Chinese, Indian, and U.S. cities is way downBut could the pandemic lay the foundation for more serious action to protect the environment—including on the greatest of all environmental problems, climate change? The short answer is: Probably not.

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How Will China’s Sweeping Pollution Crackdown Affect Its Economy?

An unprecedented campaign against environmental pollution has led to 18,000 companies being punished across the country since last summer and more plant shutdowns. But the crackdown’s economic implications are just beginning to unfold.

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Climate Deal To Go Up In Smoke

In December, 196 countries signed an agreement in Lima, Peru, promising to pledge what they can to cut greenhouse gas pollution… To keep these countries on track, the climate change conference agreed that as many nations as possible would submit their proposals before March 31. Most of the world is about to blow past the deadline.

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Can We Save Our Oceans?

The seas’ destruction is much more than an aesthetic problem: the oceans’ economic role is also at stake. Healthy seas provide food, jobs, health, and recreation for countless people. They are also a potential source of clean energy, new medicines, and cures for diseases.

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Beijing, We Have A Problem

China’s new leaders, including President Xi Jinping, haven’t embraced environmental protection by choice. They’ve been compelled by a new political reality: an informed Chinese public.

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Does China Have A Strategy?

As Xi Jinping and China’s other new leaders begin their tenure, Beijing‘s behavior strongly suggests that although they may have strategic goals, China has no strategy for achieving them. Beijing continues to follow a development model it has outgrown and pursues an assertive, zero-sum foreign policy that is counter to its long-term interests.

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Why the China Dream Might Be a Mirage: William Pesak

If global economists are distraught over the gloomy numbers coming out of China, imagine how Xi Jinping must feel.

China’s president, officially in the post for barely a month, is still consolidating his power. At home, he confronts a widening rich-poor gap and endemic pollution, not to mention bird flu and rivers overrun with dead pigs. Abroad, China’s erstwhile ally North Korea is looking increasingly unhinged. Now Xi faces intense pressure to retool the Chinese economy if he wants to build on gains the Communist Party has delivered over the last 30 years.

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China Choking

The dangers of China’s environmental degradation go well beyond the country’s borders, as pollution threatens global health more than ever. Chinese leaders have argued that their country has the right to pollute, claiming that, as a developing nation, it cannot sacrifice economic growth for the sake of the environment. In reality, however, China is holding the rest of the world hostage — and undermining its own prosperity.

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The difficulty in putting a number on the economic costs and benefits of tackling China’s air pollution comes from both sides of the issue — the economic losses due to pollution and the cost of cleaning it up. “It’s hard to pull out an exact number on the economic loss due to air pollution in China,” notes Wei. “[The country] just started to publically publish [pollution] data in 2013 for all the major cities.”

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