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Camp David Summit To Show Obama Gulf’s Generational Shift

The new generation of Gulf Arab leaders meeting U.S. President Barack Obama appear more assertive than their fathers, want a range of alliances instead of dependence on Washington, and may be readier to say ‘no’ to their main ally.

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Saudi Arabia King Won’t Attend Gulf Summit In U.S.

Saudi Arabia said its new king won’t attend this week’s long-planned summit for Persian Gulf countries at the U.S. presidential retreat, in what may be a sign of frustration with Washington over its Iran policy. King Salman’s decision to stay home comes as President Barack Obama’s administration is trying to restore the flagging confidence of Gulf Arab leaders in U.S. leadership.

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Can U.S. Still Lead In Economic And ‘Soft’ Power?

At Monday night’s foreign policy debate, the first round of questions for the presidential candidates will involve “America’s role in the world.”

The answers from President Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney likely will focus on military readiness and anti-terrorism efforts. That’s what most Americans would expect to hear, given that their country has been involved continuously in overseas combat since the terrorist attacks of 2001.

But the U.S. role in the world is shaped by much more than just its ability to project military might. Leadership also is defined by economic power, as well as “soft” power — for example, the country’s ability to attract and persuade people to adopt American values, according to Joseph Nye, a Harvard professor.

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America’s Vanishing Economic Freedom

During the past four years, the U.S. saw significant declines in nearly all categories of the economic-liberty index. Most significant — and this should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention — is that the size of government grew substantially, particularly when measured by size of government subsidies and transfers and by government consumption as a share of national consumption.

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7 Reasons Why Israel Should Not Attack Iran’s Nuclear Facilities – The Atlantic

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