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Is It The End Of Road For India’s Congress?

Without the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty—virtually synonymous with the party since 1969, when Indira Gandhi led a band of loyalists out of the original Congress that helped India win independence from Britain some two decades earlier—Indian politics will likely become less feudal and more meritocratic. And Asia’s third largest economy may finally junk the last vestiges of the Nehruvian socialism that helped keep it poor, and the foreign-policy doctrine of nonalignment that placed it at odds with its natural allies in the democratic West, writes Sadanand Dhume

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In India, A Prime Minster Aspirant Runs His Own Race

In Varanasi, where the BJP leader hopes to win his one of his seats in parliament, missed calls and unsolicited volunteers shape a crucial race.

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The Scion Has Time

The hopes of India’s Congress party rest on the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, heir to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, which has dominated Indian politics for decades.

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