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The Slow, Dangerous Implosion Of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) now stands alone at the top of the hierarchy, but he has lost many constituencies that allow him to rule without resorting to direct force. This situation is unsustainable and even dangerous. There’s been a serious erosion of regime legitimacy, and this is leading to a slow implosion from within.

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Royal Weddings Are A Fairy Tale. They Used To Be High-Stakes Diplomacy.

The royal wedding is a national cultural event. There was a time, however, when it would have also been naturally understood as an expression of national interest and international ambition. If the British public hasn’t been thinking of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as diplomatic actors involved in a venture of international relations, that is a sign of their present roles — but also of how much Western diplomacy has changed since the days when royal marriages were major political events.

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Meet The Next Generation Of Saudi Rulers

Since April, Mohammed bin Salman, now 32, has been quietly orchestrating the appointments of a range of young princes in their late twenties or thirties to positions of power. They will likely be crucial to the success of his remodeling of the kingdom and could emerge as arbiters of power for decades to come. They are all either the grandsons or great grandsons of the kingdom’s founder, Ibn Saud, who died in 1953. Mohammed bin Salman is entirely prudent in promoting these younger cousins, appealing to their ambition and vanity, and securing their loyalty.

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Saudi Arabia’s New “With Us Or Against Us” Attitude

This January King Salman will mark a year as leader of Saudi Arabia. As the new cabinet in Riyadh adjusts to the personal proclivities and vision of King Salman for the year ahead, it will face pressures to maintain its unity and support for a new set of policies for the Kingdom, even as realities evolve on the ground.

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How the British Royal Family Became A Global Brand

It is hard to imagine, say, the monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, or Norway as global brands in quite the same way. And while the successful branding of the British royal family is partially a product of Britain’s historic role in the world, it also has causes closer to home—in the evolving relationship between British royals and their subjects.

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The Next Saudi Generation

Saudi Arabia’s new monarch, King Salman, announced a major overhaul within the nation’s royal family, replacing his anointed heir with his nephew and naming his own son as the second in line to the throne.

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The Saudi Succession Sudoku

To some Western analysts, Salman’s moves also appeared to stress a pendulum swing to the so-called Sudairi block of the Al Saud, the seven brothers born to Abdulaziz by his favorite wife, from a group of princes long led by the late Abdullah.

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The Unending Attraction Of The British Royals

The British tourism agency has reported that the royal family generates close to 500 million pounds, or about $767 million, every year in tourism revenue, drawing visitors to historic royal sites like the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Buckingham Palace. The country’s tourism agency says that of the 30 million foreign visitors who came to Britain in 2010, 5.8 million visited a castle .

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The Queen’s Importance For Britain

Few will have spotted the small item of royal news amid all the world headlines about the imminent abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

But at the very moment the Dutch monarch was preparing her stirring and dignified valedictory speech to her nation on Monday afternoon, a modest little royal announcement was being released in London.

On Tuesday, June 4, it stated, the Queen, Prince Philip and other members of the Royal Family will be gathering en masse at Westminster Abbey. This occasion, however, will not be a wedding or a funeral. It will be a ‘service of celebration’ in honour of the 60th anniversary of one of the great moments in post-war British history — the Coronation.

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