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When It Comes To China, India Should Learn From Russia

Clearly, India needs to follow the Russian example and develop better and all encompassing ties with China, the initiative for which has to come from the top. New Delhi needs to make a clear effort to promote diplomatic and cultural ties with Beijing even if there is opposition from the Sinophobes in the country, many of whom are backed by those that are clearly not well-wishers of India.

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Somewhere The Mayor Is More Important Than The President

Today’s most important political battle in Russia is not for control of the Kremlin, but for power over its capital city. Indeed, the outcome of Moscow’s mayoral election campaign concerns every Russian – and everyone who is interested in Russia’s fate.

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The Myth of Dirty Russian Money

It is not entirely clear yet when and how the Cyprus banking crisis will be resolved. But what is clear is that numerous institutional and individual Russian clients of at least two of Cyprus’ largest banks will incur serious losses because of frozen and lost assets. What lessons for the future can be learned already? The Cyprus banking crisis revealed just how deeply Russian business is distrusted in Europe.

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Hunting Red October

For five years now, the Red October computer virus has embarked on a new brand of espionage, stealing emails and other encrypted classified documents undetected from diplomats around the world. Though the virus may now be in hibernation, it’s designed so that it can strike again at any time.

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Russia Attacked by Masons! Aliens! Americans!

Many educated and highly placed Russians tend to see sinister enemy plots behind the international financial crisis, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the growing protest movement. Wherever we turn, from informal conversations to official pronouncements and state-controlled television programs, Russians are told that the Pussy Riot performance and the international reaction to the verdict against the group were part of a coordinated campaign designed to undermine Russian values and bring down the state.

Read Here: The Moscow Times

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