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Path To Nowhere

The reality is that nobody supports our claims over Kashmir, and even Kashmiris do not want to join Pakistan. Indeed, those fighting there are doing so for independence. And yet our diplomats continue banging the drum for archaic UN resolutions calling for a referendum that limits the choices for Kashmiris to merge with either India or Pakistan.

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India’s Strained Romance Revolution

In India, notions of dating and love are transforming. More young people than ever expect to chose their own partners, but joblessness and other economic woes prevent them from taking control of their own lives. And that makes India’s sexual revolution a rather tense affair.

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The Neighbourhood Hoopla, Again

Now that the heat over Pakistani Adviser Sartaj Aziz’s visit to Delhi has died down, it is time to evaluate whether it improved the prospects for a renewed India-Pakistan peace process, or set them back.

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Cutting Back Is Inevitable

American defense planners therefore need to accept the obvious: budget cuts are here to stay. The time to plan for cutbacks and start reshaping the military was two years ago, when the writing was already on the wall. Since that never happened, the government must catch up fast.

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