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The Secret Story Of How America Lost The Drug War With The Taliban

Poppy cultivation, heroin production, terrorist attacks and territory controlled by the Taliban are now at or near record highs. President Ashraf Ghani said recently that Afghanistan’s military — and the government itself — would be in danger of imminent collapse, perhaps within days, if U.S. assistance stops.

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Africa’s Emerging Border War

On both sides of the border between Sudan and South Sudan, rebels and minority groups insist that the demarcation is in the wrong place. Mediators have insisted that the new line become a soft border, one that gives freedom of movement, trade, residence, farming, and grazing to all.

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Lessons for Fighting the Afghan Narcotics Trade

The narcotics trade is ruining Afghanistan and spreading death and addiction around the world. Kabul needs a new approach to the problem — and neighboring Iran happens to offer a great model.

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