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Russia’s Quest To Build A Space Empire—Or Go Broke Trying

Roscosmos has a near monopoly on the Russian space industry. It encompasses more than 60 companies and 250,000 people. And in the spirit of collaboration, it is using those resources to do new things, like develop technology, Earth observation capacity, and communications systems for Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile. Oh, and they are helping those countries develop their own experts—and space policies. In other words, Russia—in “helping”—is also shaping not just how the international space industry shapes up but also how it functions politically.

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Avoiding A War In Space

Space is becoming more congested, contested and competitive. Since the Soviet Union put the first satellite, Sputnik I, into space in 1957, no nation has deliberately destroyed another’s satellite in orbit. But there is a growing possibility that battles may soon be waged in space.

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Pentagon’s Satellites: 15 Years On

As Chinese anti-satellite weapons reach ever higher, theU.S. military is getting serious about satellite constellations that can absorb combat damage and keep transmitting data.

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Another Monkey In Space

Iran plans to send the second monkey into space aboard the Pishgam (Pioneer) II space capsule within 45 days, Iran Space Agency director Hamid Fazeli said. Iran had successfully sent a monkey into space and brought it back to Earth safely in January.

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China Ups The Ante In Space

China recently opened its domestic satellite navigation network to commercial use across the Asia-Pacific region. The move underscored China’s emergence as an independent space power challenging the primacy of the United States, Russia, Europe and Japan.

The network offers a still-to-be-proven alternative in the region to the well-established and highly accurate U.S. global positioning system (GPS), and similar satellite-based constellations being developed by Russia and Europe. Until now, use of the Beidou network has been restricted to the Chinese armed forces and government. It has 16 navigation satellites in operation and number is due to reach 35 by 2020 to become a global GPS service.

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China to Launch Satellite for Sri Lanka: India’s Missed Opportunity?

Sri Lanka‘s first communication satellite is expected to be launched on November 22, 2012 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in China. This geostationary satellite would get operational by mid-2013 for commercial purposes. The satellite is partly owned by a private company, Sri Lanka’s first Satellite Company called SupremeSAT. The cost of the project is expected to be around US$ 360 million. According to the Chairman of the company, the project is a joint venture with two Chinese companies, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) and Sino Satellite Communications Company Ltd. The project also includes the construction of a satellite Content Management Station and a Space Academy at Kandy.

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