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War Inside Trump Trade Team Triggers Global Angst

President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to slap steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union capped a whipsaw week that reflected not just the deep divisions among his top economic advisers, but the changeable attitudes of the irascible and unpredictable president himself.

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The Politics Of Trade Wars

One inconvenient feature of the global trading system is that efforts to protect the jobs of voting workers in one country risk affecting jobs, and perhaps votes, in another. Thus President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on imported aluminium and steel, offered with the rationale that American metalworkers had been losing jobs to foreign competition, alarmed Europe—the continent has its own metalworkers to worry about, whose jobs to some extent depend on access to markets like America’s.

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Trump’s Honeymoon With China Ends As Dialogue Turns Frosty

Three months ago, President Donald Trump had warm words for his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping after the two leaders bonded at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Within weeks, the Trump administration was touting early wins in talks with China, including more access for U.S. beef and financial services as well as help in trying to rein in North Korea. Now, the two sides can barely agree how to describe their disagreements.

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G-20 Leaders Challenged To Find Effective Plan To Reignite World Growth

Pointed words over China’s steel overproduction crystallized a challenge for world leaders gathered to come up with an effective plan to reignite world growth.

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Steel And Sea Issues Dominate U.S.-China Dialogue

All signs show that both the South China Sea dispute and the steel oversupply issue will be realities beyond 2016. As far as the actual forum itself is concerned, the possibility of a 9th round of S&ED — an Obama administration initiative — is unclear, especially with lacking tangible results.

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China Struggles To Slay Its Industrial Zombies

The only way China can hope to prevent the looming environmental disaster lurking behind its current economic difficulties is embracing deindustrialization and a much lower growth model than it has had until now. That’s bad news for the developed and developing world alike.

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Xi Jinping’s Speech In London

David Cameron Defends China Business Deals

David Cameron has defended the UK’s business links with China as he said deals worth £40bn had been struck during President Xi Jinping’s visit. Cameron hailed a deal giving China a 30% stake in a new nuclear plant. The PM said the two countries could maintain a “strong relationship” while having “necessary and frank discussions” about issues like the steel industry and human rights.

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Xi’s UK Visit Opens Golden Era For Sino-British Relationship


China’s Hunger For Raw Materials


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