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China extends ban on foreign visitors to eight more countries, including India, France and Russia

China has suspended entry for foreign visitors from a further eight countries as it seeks to prevent importing the coronavirus. Notices telling people about the restrictions were posted on the websites of China’s embassies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine on Thursday. They came after would-be travellers from Britain, Belgium and the Philippines were given a similar message.

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Chinese Are Travelling, And How!

Courtesy: Global Times

The Long Shadow Of The Long March

Although Mao and Marx have been replaced in many ways by modernization, the great helmsman is still at the center of China.

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The Problematic Continent

Among all continents, Asia has the ability to disrupt the world the most.

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There Is A New Virus Out There, This Time From Saudi

Middle East respiratory syndrome, a cousin of SARS, has sparked global concern for its pandemic potential, but Saudi Arabia has yet to release information that could help protect the rest of the world.

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But the discovery of Mers carries a story behind it. The man behind it, Ali Mohamed Zaki, discovered the deadly pathogen last June at a microbiology lab at a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Zaki had been following up the case of a 60-year-old man who was admitted with a lung infection and died 18 days after symptoms started. When he couldn’t identify the virus, he sent a sample abroad to Ron Fouchier, a Dutch researcher who was able to sequence it. The report that came back was chilling. It was a coronavirus, one never seen before in humans.

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Is China Burning?

Chinese streets were quiet today after anti-Japan protests, many of them violent, rocked more than a 100 cities last week.  Large demonstrations continued through Tuesday, the 81st anniversary of Japan’s invasion of Manchuria. The disturbances, triggered by a territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, are commonly described as the worst anti-Japan riots to hit the country since at least 2005, and they may have even been more destructive than that.

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Why Do Travel Guides Make Excuses For Dictators? Interesting Take On How Some Governments Are Depicted To Would Be Travellers

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