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Should India Rein In China’s Dangerous Antics In Tibet?

By bringing its position on Tibet into alignment with China’s claim, India has not won Chinese gratitude; rather, it has boosted Beijing’s clout and encouraged Chinese re-engineering of transboundary river flows, on which India is critically dependent.

Read Here – Nikkei Asian Review

India’s China Strategy: Mountains Vs. Oceans

Instead of pouring money into raising a force that can hardly address the Indian Army’s drawbacks at the border, Indian decision makers should have focused on addressing China’s weaknesses in the Indian Ocean

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1962′s Other Crisis: India and China go to War

Fifty years ago, on the morning of October 20, 1962, China’s People’s Liberation Army assaulted Indian military positions along their disputed frontier. The Chinese attack, justified domestically and abroad as self-defense, resulted in the only major armed conflict in modern times between the world’s two most populous countries. The Indian military, poorly prepared and naively led, was routed. A second major Chinese assault the following month forced India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to write to President John F. Kennedy in desperation to request air support from the United States. Having brought India to its knees, Beijing declared a unilateral ceasefire on November 21, and the PLA withdrew to its pre-war positions.

Read Here – The Diplomat

How The China-Japan Island Dispute Can Impact India

China has raised the politico-diplomatic ante with Japan over the disputed islands in the East China Seain a definitive manner through a formal Cabinet-equivalent announcement in Beijing and the follow-up of this assertion at the foreign minister level in New York on Tuesday (September 25).

Territorial disputes with certain key Asian countries is a high-octane issue in Beijing and the manner in which China is asserting its claim with Japan over a total area of 7 sq km spread over eight uninhabited rocky islands has a specific relevance for India. October 20, 2012, marks the 50th anniversary of the commencement of the brief 1962 Sino-Indian border war that resulted in a complex and contested territorial-cum-border dispute that remains unresolved to-date.

Read Here – The Economic Times

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