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China And India’s Deadly Border Dispute: Why We Should Worry

The border dispute is a reflection of a deeper problem: the underlying, deep-rooted mistrust and hostility between China and India, each feeling insecure about the other nation’s growing economic and military power. The two countries, with a combined population of more than 2.8 billion people, both have nuclear weapons, strong nationalist leaders, and growing nationalist voices that demand “tough” actions and counter actions.

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China: The New Spanish Empire?

Since the dawn of capitalism, closed societies with repressive governments have — much like China — been capable of remarkable growth and innovation. Sixteenth-century Spain was a great imperial power, with a massive navy and extensive industry such as shipbuilding and mining. One could say the same thing about Louis XIV’s France during the 17th century, which also had vast wealth, burgeoning industry and a sprawling empire. But both countries were also secretive, absolute monarchies, and they found themselves thrust into competition with the freer countries Holland and Great Britain.

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Keep The Door Open For Trade

If ever a reminder was needed of the slippery nature of the grounds on which India-Pakistan relations are played out, a most recent offering is the Washington-based Wilson Center study on India-Pakistan trade. Fairly up to speed on bilateral relations, by recording developments as recent as November 2012, the study has already been rendered outdated by the subsequent turn of events. Still, it remains relevant as it reiterates a well-known and acknowledged fact — that the two countries need to find some way to do business, crises notwithstanding.

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