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Modi’s African Outreach Picks Up In Rwanda, Uganda, And South Africa

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the President of Uganda, Yoweri K. Museveni, in Kampala, Uganda on July 24, 2018. Photo/PIB

India’s links with Africa are centuries old, bolstered by trade across the Indian Ocean and a million-strong diaspora across Africa. Shared colonial legacy and post-independence development experience has framed India’s relationship with Africa. India’s role as a champion of anti-colonialism and anti-racism after its independence in 1947 drew it closer to the African nations. India emerged as one of the most vocal critics of apartheid in South Africa.

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Weak Peace Links In Africa

Conflicts in Africa are not new, but they have never been more linked than they are today. In most cases, criminal networks or neighboring governments have empowered armed groups to seek control of some of the world’s weakest states.

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Can the U.N. Security Council Reform?

As the rebellion in Syria languishes on with little attention from the international community, aconfidential report authored by the U.N. Security Council’s Group of Experts was leaked to Reuters. This is not the first time such a “leak” has occurred, which implicates the credibility of the Group of Experts or the U.N. itself. The report allegedly confirms that the M23 rebels operating in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are under not only the material and financial support of the Ugandan and Rwandan governments, but under the direct military command of Rwanda’s Ministry of Defence.

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Uganda’s Leader: 26 Years In Power, No Plans To Quit

Rebel leader Joesphy Kony, head of the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army, has achieved greater notoriety than any other Ugandan in the world today. Idi Amin, who ruled the country through most of the 1970s, still stands as a symbol of African dictators who abused power and inflicted gross human rights abuses.Yet, as Uganda prepares to celebrate 50 years of independence next month, the man who has most shaped the country is far less known, at least in the West.

Yoweri Museveni has ruled the East African nation for 26 years, more than half of its post-colonial history. A charismatic former rebel commander, Museveni seized power in 1986, decrying other African leaders who overstayed their welcome.

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Momentum Rises To Lift Africa’s Resource Curse

Across Africa, oil, gas and minerals are being discovered more often than ever before. Nowhere is the global commodities boom being felt more acutely. Over the next decade, billions of dollars will flow into countries previously starved of financial capital, Kofi Annan writes.

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Where Are Africa’s children?

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, half of all African children do not have a birth certificate, which negatively affects the children both mentally and physically in their sense of safety and well-being. “Could you imagine a child not having an identity, not having an existence written down and so you’re born, you live your life, you die and you never existed in any document,” said Cornelius Williams, Regional Adviser: Child Protection at the UNICEF.  ”It’s like you were never there,” he said.  Birth registrations were particularly low in countries like Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda, Williams added.

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