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The Great Saudi Gamble

Faced with growing internal tension – from Islamist radicals as well as liberal reformers – the ruling family is determined to defend its interests by whatever means necessary. This is reflected by a new assertiveness on the world stage – seen most vividly in the surprise decision to reject a seat on the UN Security Council earlier this month.

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Going Alone

In refusing to consider the views of its peers at the G-20 and the U.N. Security Council, the Obama administration has arrogantly pressed on with its weak case for military intervention

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India Considers John Kerry

President Obama’s pick to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state is making some in New Delhi’s diplomatic, military, and intelligence communities nervous that Washington will soon tilt to Islamabad, India’s decades-old rival and tormentor. Last week in New Delhi, a former ambassador to the US complained to me about America’s support for Pakistan—on three separate occasions. At the moment, Indian analysts are pouring over Kerry’s long foreign policy record. To be sure, New Delhi has a right to be concerned about his pointed comments about India’s nuclear tests, his sponsorship of aid to Pakistan, and his recent diplomatic missions to Islamabad.

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