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China Shuts Down Wuhan, City Five Times Size Of London, Over Coronavirus

Beijing’s decision to quarantine Wuhan in central China to try to contain a deadly disease outbreak presents unprecedented challenges as it is dealing with a city about five times the size of London. The central government imposed the lockdown to stop the spread of a newly identified coronavirus that has killed 17 people in the area, infected hundreds more across the country and is spreading overseas.

Read Here – South China Morning Post

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The Government Must Review What Bioresearch Journals Publish

The news that researchers have recreated an extinct cousin to the smallpox virus using only commercially available technology and items purchased over the Internet renews concerns that bioterrorists could do the same if detailed information about the methods were published.

Read Here – Defense One

Ukrainians Say Petya Ransomware Hides State-Sponsored Attacks

When a ransomware outbreak exploded from Ukraine across Europe yesterday, disrupting companies, government agencies, and critical infrastructure, it at first appeared to be just another profit-focused cybercriminal scheme—albeit a particularly vicious and damaging one. But its origins in Ukraine raised deeper questions. After all, shadowy hackers have waged a cyberwar there for years, likely at Russia’s bidding.

Read Here – Wired

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There Is A New Virus Out There, This Time From Saudi

Middle East respiratory syndrome, a cousin of SARS, has sparked global concern for its pandemic potential, but Saudi Arabia has yet to release information that could help protect the rest of the world.

Read Here – Scientific American

But the discovery of Mers carries a story behind it. The man behind it, Ali Mohamed Zaki, discovered the deadly pathogen last June at a microbiology lab at a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Zaki had been following up the case of a 60-year-old man who was admitted with a lung infection and died 18 days after symptoms started. When he couldn’t identify the virus, he sent a sample abroad to Ron Fouchier, a Dutch researcher who was able to sequence it. The report that came back was chilling. It was a coronavirus, one never seen before in humans.

Read Here – Gulf News

Exceptional Risks, Exceptional Precautions

The exceptional risk posed by mammalian-transmissible H5N1 viruses justifies exceptional precautions to avoid their accidental release. Until January 2013, influenza researchers observed a self-imposed “pause” on research on these viruses. This moratorium was always meant to be temporary, so a critical question is what regulations on research with mammalian-transmissible H5N1 viruses should now take its place.

Read Here – The European

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