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Sharp Divisions On Vote Counts, As Biden Gets High Marks For His Post-Election Conduct

More than two weeks after the presidential election, there are sharp divisions between voters who supported Joe Biden and Donald Trump over nearly all aspects of the election and voting process, including whether their own votes were counted accurately.

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British PM May Survives Party Confidence Vote But Brexit Deal Still Teetering

Prime Minister Theresa May survived a confidence vote by the Conservative Party on Wednesday, but a mutiny by more than a third of her lawmakers indicated parliament was heading towards deadlock over Brexit.

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Trump Pulls Off Biggest Upset In U.S. History

Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States. The billionaire businessman who never before held elected office shocked America and the world, defeating Hillary Clinton in an extraordinary rebuke to the nation’s political class after an ugly and divisive race that will go down as the most stunning upset in American history.

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Anatomy Of Donald J. Trump

It’s we who’re guilty of not having something better on our minds. It’s our national malaise with life that’s become the problem. Donald Trump? Real or not, he’s just a gaudy, tarnished symptom of our American disease – one more thing we don’t want to think about very much.

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Is the Trump Bounce For Real?

Is the Donald Trump convention bounce for real? Trump certainly thinks so. “We had, I believe, the largest bump in the history of convention,” the GOP presidential nominee boasted Monday night at a campaign event in North Carolina.

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British Voters Just Unleashed An Economic And Political Tsunami

British voters didn’t just shock the world and the financial markets by voting to leave the European Union hours ago: They also ignored President Barack Obama, handed Hillary Clinton a potential economic burden and injected new energy into the populist currents roiling politics on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Brexit’s Impact On The World Economy

The febrile behavior of financial markets ahead of the United Kingdom’s referendum on June 23 on whether to remain in the European Union shows that the outcome will influence economic and political conditions around the world far more profoundly than Britain’s roughly 2.4% share of global GDP might suggest. There are three reasons for this outsize impact.

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Rudd Rules Again In Australia

After being unceremoniously dumped in 2010, after one failed and one aborted leadership challenge, and after three years suffering the slings and arrows of outraged caucus colleagues, Kevin Rudd has his revenge.

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Egypt’s Opposition Has To Be More Than Anti-Brotherhood

A little less than two years ago, the non-Islamist opposition in Egypt saw two momentous events. The first, of course, was the beginning of the 25th of January revolution. The second was the constitutional referendum in March 2011. Arguably, the latter event was more important than the former, although the opposition has yet to learn from it.

In the aftermath of the 2011 uprising, the opposition did not really understand its base. At that point, opposition groups had few political parties to speak of, let alone political maturity. What they did have after the referendum, however, was an idea of who supported their message and, more importantly, who did not.

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