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Misinformation Is Endangering India’s Election

Indian voters standing in a queue to cast their votes during the 1st Phase of General Elections-2019, at Gaya, in Bihar on April 11, 2019. Photo/PIB

India is facing information wars of an unprecedented nature and scale. Indians are bombarded with fake news and divisive propaganda on a near-constant basis from a wide range of sources, from television news to global platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. But unlike in the United States, where the focus has been on foreign-backed misinformation campaigns shaping elections and public discourse, the fake news circulating here isn’t manufactured abroad.

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Many Around the World Are Disengaged From Politics

An engaged citizenry is often considered a sign of a healthy democracy. High levels of political and civic participation increase the likelihood that the voices of ordinary citizens will be heard in important debates, and they confer a degree of legitimacy on democratic institutions. However, in many nations around the world, much of the public is disengaged from politics.

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The French Election Is Now Marine Le Pen Vs A Collapsing French Establishment

Is France on the brink of a political revolution? Already, four established candidates for the presidency — two former presidents and two former prime ministers — have backed out or been rejected by the voters, and another, François Fillon, is on the ropes.

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How To Build An Autocracy

Calculated outrage is an old political trick, but nobody in the history of American politics has deployed it as aggressively, as repeatedly, or with such success as Donald Trump. If there is harsh law enforcement by the Trump administration, it will benefit the president not to the extent that it quashes unrest, but to the extent that it enflames more of it, ratifying the apocalyptic vision that haunted his speech at the convention.

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In The Story Of Trump, There Is No story

Trump has not merely, at the behest of his supporters, disrupted the status quo. He has exploded the great American story that lay beneath it. What makes Trump so difficult to write about is that he presents no story.  Like a cubist portrait, he changes your perception of reality by the minute.

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Foreign Policy In An Ignorant Democracy

It is possible to fool many of the people much of the time.  But the closer the policy consequences get to pinching those who have been fooled, the more likely that a self-corrective mechanism can go to work.  Those who have been fooled and then pinched conclude that they have been had and start looking for different political heroes.

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The Primary Quagmire

Hillary Clinton may have turned her focus to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but at the same time her campaign is forced to continue fighting a rear-guard action against Bernie Sanders, who shows no sign of surrender.

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How Google Could Rig The 2016 U.S. Election

There are at least three very real scenarios whereby Google—perhaps even without its leaders’ knowledge—could shape or even decide the election next year. Whether or not Google executives see it this way, the employees who constantly adjust the search giant’s algorithms are manipulating people every minute of every day. The adjustments they make increasingly influence our thinking—including, it turns out, our voting preferences.

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In India, Don’t Believe The Opinion Polls

In examining these polls, however, observers ought to be mindful of the fact that election polling in India is a notoriously unreliable exercise. It suffers from the political biases of the polling agencies and news outlets that produce the polls.

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Merkel’s Big Fear

German voters are deciding later than ever whom to vote for this election cycle. That is not good news for Chancellor Angela Merkel. With party loyalty on the wane, many of her core supporters could defect for tactical reasons at the last minute.

Read Here – Der Spiegel

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