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It’s Time For Modi To Directly Engage With Pakistan

The appointment of a former Director, Intelligence Bureau as envoy for Af-Pak and West Asia indicates that the Modi government is looking at the entire Islamic world to India’s West through an intelligence-security prism and not a diplomatic-cultural construct. Modi’s Pakistan policy is conditioned by a similar mind-set of talking but not negotiating, while building security pressure points and counter alliances. Inevitably, such a policy will have flip-flops like the yes-no on cricketing ties, as the PM lurches between his pragmatic instincts and the logic of Hindutva nationalism. What is needed is a clear political outreach to Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Israel. That can only be done by Modi himself and not by envoys.

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When Narendra Modi Goes To The Holy Land

In my view, viewing national and foreign affairs through a communal prism is one of the most pernicious, destructive and self-defeating features of the Indian scene. It would be far more useful to see the proposed visit to the Holy Land as the commencement of Modi’s engagement with the complex politics, economics and culture of West Asia – with which India has longstanding ties and crucial and abiding interests, writes former ambassador Talmiz Ahmad.

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The Syrian Crisis and the Future of Iraq

There is an unremarked paradox in the tumult of the contemporary Middle East. Syria is an economically impoverished country of a little more than 20 million people that has been politically stagnant until 23 months ago. Egypt, by contrast, never socially at rest and with its ancient energies newly bestirred, is at 80.5 million people more than four times larger. Yet it is the carnage in Syria, not the continuing multiparty political tightrope act in Egypt, that is more likely to unleash a torrent of violence and instability throughout the Middle East. Before it has run its course it could undo multiple existing regimes and even alter the region’s post-World War I territorial boundaries.

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