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How A World Order Ends

A stable world order is a rare thing. When one does arise, it tends to come after a great convulsion that creates both the conditions and the desire for something new. It requires a stable distribution of power and broad acceptance of the rules that govern the conduct of international relations. It also needs skillful statecraft, since an order is made, not born.

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The Collision Of These 3 Geographies Is Creating A New World Order

Indeed, the rise of Asia as a whole is recasting the physical and mental map of the world. Proliferating transnational relationships and new flows of finance, trade, technology, information, energy and labour have created three new strategic geographies which are already escaping the shadow of transatlantic arrangements. They essentially represent the collision of erstwhile political constructs – and their management requires new ideas, nimble institutions and fluid partnerships.

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Why China Thinks It Can Build A Utopian World Order

Beijing believes that its superior civilization provides the leadership with the necessary skills to lead mankind in the process of building a utopian world order, known by Chinese since ancient times as Tianxia.

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China Voice: Time For Renewed U.S. Policy Toward China

With Barack Obama successfully defending his presidency in the U.S. election and a new leadership of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) soon to be elected, it is the right time for the Obama Administration to rethink its policy on China, Xinhua says in a commentary.

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