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China Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Had Chinese President Xi Jinping’s communist regime been wise, it would have sought to repair the pandemic-inflicted damage to China’s image by showing empathy and compassion to other countries. Instead, China has acted in ways that undermine its long-term interests.

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The Coronavirus, The Chinese lab and the attempts to connect The Two

Unsubstantiated theories linking the new pathogen to a Wuhan virus institute, the laboratory which contributed to the genome sequencing and identification of the virus in January, keep coming back to life despite debunking from mainstream science.

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Inside Wuhan’s Secretive National Biosafety Lab

Controversy and secrecy appear to lurk in the corridors of the National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. Described as “a cell within the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Virology,” it conducts “coronavirus research” and is a United Nations “reference laboratory for infectious diseases.” It is also situated in the city which in December spawned the first reported cases of the deadly Covid-19 disease.

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Witnessing Wuhan

China’s success in “flattening the curve” of the COVID-19 epidemic has been held up as a model for the rest of the world to emulate. But what the world really needs to understand is that China’s “victory” required massive sacrifices by doctors, nurses, and other health workers whose names we will never know.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping Salutes Wuhan Under Shadow Of Coronavirus Threat

Hailing “victory to Wuhan” and saluting its people as heroes, Chinese President Xi Jinping used his first trip to the

epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak to signal that China had turned the tide in its battle against the deadly disease. The much-anticipated visit – about three months after first cases were reported in the provincial capital of Hubei province – was carefully orchestrated to boost domestic morale and seize back the narrative.

China Shuts Down Wuhan, City Five Times Size Of London, Over Coronavirus

Beijing’s decision to quarantine Wuhan in central China to try to contain a deadly disease outbreak presents unprecedented challenges as it is dealing with a city about five times the size of London. The central government imposed the lockdown to stop the spread of a newly identified coronavirus that has killed 17 people in the area, infected hundreds more across the country and is spreading overseas.

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One Year On, Should India Rethink Its Reset With China?

A year ago, China’s President Xi Jinping and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a closely choreographed series of photo-ops and exchanges at their summit in Wuhan, China. The serene images of Modi and Xi – gazing at pink blossoms and enjoying tea on a boat – telegraphed a return to normalcy after a tense period in ties between the two Asian rivals. But the honeymoon phase in the “new” India-China relationship might be over.

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India And China: Over To The Leaders

Leader-led engagement may not have come a day too soon for India and China. Few major bilateral relations in the world have been as bureaucratised as the one between Delhi and Beijing. A handful of professionals on both sides now speak in a code that few of their own foreign office colleagues can understand.

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