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Urgent Need To protect The Internet

The internet has contributed to unprecedented global connections, but its openness distresses some governments. Censorship takes many forms, and some nations even consider creating an exclusive system for their citizens, cutting off contact with the rest of the globe, notes John Negroponte, a Brady-Johnson Distinguished Fellow in Grand Strategy and senior lecturer in International Affairs at Yale University and the first US director of national intelligence.

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How America’s Top Colleges Reflect (and Massively Distort) the Country’s Racial Evolution

In the last 30 years, the country has become steadily more racially diverse — and so have many American colleges. In 1980, more than 80% of the country was white, and whites accounted for about eight in ten students at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Today, less than 65% of the country is white, and it’s non-whites who now account for a majority at all three of those institutions.

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