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China, India Can Help Boost South Asian Development With Benign Competition

India is in a period of rapid economic development, but the nation has not been as generous as its neighbouring countries hoped it would be in providing financial assistance to underdeveloped areas and promoting regional integration. A yawning infrastructure funding gap in South Asian countries creates space for China and those nations to strengthen economic cooperation.

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The Amazing Indian Story Behind Herat’s Salma Dam

For over ten years, the construction of the Salma dam has stretched the capacity of Indian diplomacy, administration and engineering to its limits, as New Delhi kept track of competing warlords on one side to maintain security, and the finance ministry’s beancounters on Raisina Hill.

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Seven Steps India Must Take to Help Afghanistan In Its War For Survival

These gathering clouds over Afghanistan mean that traditional partners such as India must get involved in ways that they chose not to earlier. The danger of a re-emergence of warlordism is now a very likely possibility if the Afghan security forces are not helped in their task of taking on the Taliban.

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China Is Moving Into The Middle East – Why is No One Worried?

The delicate balance of power in the Middle East has already suffered one dramatic upheaval this year, after Moscow’s decision to launch its military intervention in support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Now there are mounting concerns that the region could suffer further instability following China’s decision to establish its first overseas military outpost in one of the world’s most troubled hotshots.

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India Plays Hard Ball In Afghanistan

Though India’s ambassador to Afghanistan has rejected suggestions that New Delhi is heading for a strategic shift in relations with Kabul, India’s decision not to revive the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed in 2011 is being viewed as a sign of New Delhi’s displeasure over the Afghan unity government’s outreach to Pakistan at the cost of Indian interests.

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How The Tables Turned…

As the world marks the 500 year anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese people to China, a wave of Chinese investment and capital is pouring into Portugal.

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China’s New Leader Needs Grip on Wacko Next Door

Few news items over the past year had more entertainment value than one concerning the Onion and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

It was funny enough that the faux-news website named the double-chinned Kim the sexiest man of 2012. More entertaining still was that the People’s Daily, the stern mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party, fell for it.

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