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China Is Moving Into The Middle East – Why is No One Worried?

The delicate balance of power in the Middle East has already suffered one dramatic upheaval this year, after Moscow’s decision to launch its military intervention in support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Now there are mounting concerns that the region could suffer further instability following China’s decision to establish its first overseas military outpost in one of the world’s most troubled hotshots.

Read Here – The Telegraph

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2 thoughts on “China Is Moving Into The Middle East – Why is No One Worried?

  1. one more cook to brew Syria

  2. Jeancarlo Alencastro on said:

    In a matter of less then 4months with Russian military aid being asked for by the current sovereign government of Syria we have seen more progress then the US coalition. Remember the US coalition has been violating sovereign state airspace, the same thing they claim the Russian fighter jet was doing to Turkey. In 15 + years what has the US and NATO been doing in the region? Not destabilizing it? Since Russian involvement we have learned that Turkey a NATO member is funding terrorism via purchasing isis controlled oil.

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