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Putin Needs More Than Rhetoric To Win Over Weary Nation

Russian President Vladimir Putin will need to mix fresh ideas with his trademark patriotism and tough-guy image on Wednesday when he lays out his plans to a cynical population weary of corruption and poor state services.

Thirteen years after he rose to power, and more than two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin still seems to be searching for an overarching idea to unite Russians. There is no imminent threat to his rule – opposition groups who accuse the authorities of stifling dissent have failed to build enough momentum to pose a serious challenge to the state.


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Why Hungry Indians Need Skinnier Politicians

India is caught in an ugly societal whodunit: Although the per capita gross domestic product for the country’s 1.2 billion people has almost doubled over the past decade, to $838, malnutrition and hunger are still rampant, especially among children.

A months-long series of investigative reports by Bloomberg News highlights that India’s failure to adequately feed its people is a crisis born not from want of money but, more damningly, from lack of political will to confront pervasive corruption and incompetence.

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Why India Can’t Feed It’s People – Bloomberg

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