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Beyond Modi-Netanyahu Bonhomie: India, Israel Struggle To Add Heft To Ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcoming Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu in New Delhi on January 14, 2018. Photo/PIB

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu praised one another for “revolutionising” the bilateral relationship, the nine agreements signed – on subjects ranging from cyber security to homeopathic research – suggest the two countries are finding it hard to match the heady rhetoric with concrete outcomes in areas that matter.

Read Here – Business Standard


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One thought on “Beyond Modi-Netanyahu Bonhomie: India, Israel Struggle To Add Heft To Ties

  1. Rana Banerjee on said:

    The article’s title and Devirupa Mitra’s introductory paragraph, both belie the actual contents of the article.

    Why? Intriguing!!

    There have been some landmark agreements during this visit, unenvisioned by previous Indian govts.

    Cyber security, in an increasingly potent enimical Chinese threat situation, is an area where we need immediate solutions, in both civilian and military spheres. The issue has been appropriately addressed, for the first time, and in right earnest too.

    Similarly in co-operative research and technology development agreement, a long felt need has been actioned upon with an alacrity long unseen in previous regimes.

    One only hopes that bureaucratic hurdles are addressed and negotiated with equal vigour and actionable plans are put in place to give impetus to the bilateral co-operative measures agreed upon by the two leaders. And one also prays that negative forces of Indian opposition do not subvert and derail the unprecedented positive ground gained due to the two leaders’ mutual understanding, admiration and bonhomie.

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