If Western Leaders Weren’t Worried About Turkey Before, They Should Be Now

Over the decades Turkey has dictated its Middle Eastern relations based on opportunities presented by shifts in the regional balance of power. In the early 1990s up until around 2006, Turkey was finely enmeshed in Western sentiments and policies. But beginning in 2006 it recognized a leadership vacuum in the Middle East and began attempting to fill it, resulting in more Islamist policies and a gravitation towards alignment with the Arab/Muslim countries. Things picked up even more so after the Arab uprisings began. That was not surprising. It should have even been expected. However, I suggested in an article a few months ago that based on its shortsighted and failed foreign policy in Syria, its diplomatic history, and in spite of its trending Islamism, Turkey might seek to renew its relations with Israel and again warm up to the U.S. But I fear that suggestion will prove incorrect.

Read Here – Foreignpolicyblogs.com

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