Why Do China’s Leaders Dye Their Hair?

Beneath a giant hammer and sickle, the elite at the top of the Communist Party assembled for the country’s annual parliament session last week, all wearing the same unofficial uniform. As they stood to listen to the county’s national anthem, the politicians stood in perfect rows, spaced a few feet apart. Each person had a white teacup and a copy of the premier’s upcoming speech on the desk directly in front on them. From a distance, it was nearly impossible to distinguish one leader from another. At the top levels of the Communist Party, it seems, leaders take pains to blend in with one another.

Read Here – BBC

One thought on “Why Do China’s Leaders Dye Their Hair?

  1. obvious really, they all dont want to look old. interestingly all of them have lots of hair, for men who are in their 70s. i think that is the average age but i may be wrong.the average age might be in the 80s. but they are not bald. do u think they wear wigs too? so the question is not why they dye their hair, but why they wear wigs and wigs of the same colour. haha.

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