Looking Back At 2021… And Looking Ahead

2021 was definitely better than the horrible year tha preceded it, but only that much as societies and economies recovered from Covid-triggered lockdowns and battled to get some sense of the way the world would move after the once-in-a-century pandemic changed the way we lived, worked and thought. At lookingbeyondborders.com we tried to share with you, our readers, the stories from across the world as the Delta and now the Omicron variant of the virus struck us and countries faced new challenges after the United States and China — the world’s two biggest economies — witnessed their relations hit a nadir in 2021. We also brought in a list of interesting podcasts.

There were new beyond-border conflicts, as China flexed its muscles over Taiwan and Russia over Ukraine. While economies turned around, supply chain challenges stymied bigger growth. Wishing all our readers the best for 2022. Stay safe and stay engaged, as we prepare to bring a better selection of writings on foreign policy, global business and trends to you in the year ahead. Following are a mix of readings that you might find useful:

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2021 In Asian Geopolitics: A Retrospective

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The Stories That Could Define China In 2022

Biden’s 2022 Foreign-Policy To-Do List

U.S.-China Relations Hit A Nadir In 2021

Ten Elections To Watch In 2022

Ten Anniversaries To Note In 2022

Visualizing 2022: Trends To Watch

Seven Charts That Explain The COVID-19 Pandemic In 2021

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